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News Article

KISS Looking for Contributors to New Book

Are you a charter member of KISS Army? Okay, maybe a lot of you weren't lucky enough to have been around back then, but there's still generations of KISS fans who inherited their devotion to the rock 'n' roll overlords from their parents (if their folks were cool, that is), including cherished mementos of those glory days. If you've got cool pics, articles, ticket stubs or other stuff like that, you might have a chance to be a part of a new book chronicling the band's early years. KISS put a call out to the fans announcing that they're looking for unique visual and print materials on the band from the early-to-mid-'70s. Read on... they might just want what you got!

In a new post at, the band announced they're seeking materials of all kinds from the band's first three years (1972-75) to include in the book; that period covers everything from the band's formation through the landmark album Alive! They give several examples of what they're looking for:

Candid and live photographs (images owned by you as copyright holder)
Domestic and foreign record ads
Press kits
Magazine covers
Fillmore East press launch invitation (1-8-74)
Century Plaza launch invitation (2-18-74)
Concert ads
Tour posters
Press clippings/articles
Backstage passes
Album reviews
Concert reviews
Casablanca Records memorabilia
Cadillac High memorabilia
Cobo Hall 5-16-75 ticket stub
Concert riders
Casablanca Records paperwork (1973-1975)
Aucoin Management paperwork (1973-1975)
One-of-a-kind items

The site points out that emailing high-res scans (.jpg format, at least 300dpi) will work just fine, so you don't have to hand over that precious photo of Gene Simmons waggling his tongue at your mom. Check out for full details.