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Kittie is Back “In The Black”

Canadian extreme femme-metal quartet Kittie is poised to release their new album In The Black on September 15th, and we've got some sweet morsels to dish up on what's inside and out... plus details about their upcoming tour, the latest single, and plenty more below the fold. So check it out, cats 'n' kittens...

This aggressively cool all-girl outfit has gone though some major shakeups since they first clawed their way into the male-dominated metal scene in 1999 with their impressive debut Spit. One year ago, co-founder siblings Morgan and Mercedes Lander lost their father David Lander (who was also their first manager) to a heart attack, and the band also had to sever ties with bassist Trish Doan, who had begun suffering from anorexia while working on their 2007 record Funeral for Yesterday. Bass duties have since been taken over by Ivy Vujic, formerly of In The Wake.

The band has leaped back onto the scene with a vengeance this year with the completion of In The Black, which features tracks like “Cut Throat,” “Die My Darling,” and “Sorrow I Know.” The latter became a music video last month under the lens of veteran video director David Brodsky (who recently worked on the banned-from-MTV video for Burning Human's “Tormented Mind” and earlier filmed GWAR's notorious cover of Alice Cooper's “School's Out”). You can also listen to the new single “My Plague,” which just posted to their official MySpace.

Also on the horizon is a new tour to promote In The Black – beginning next month and continuing through October – along with Soil, Akraea and Straight Lined Stitch. “A full length tour has been long overdue for us,” reports Morgan Lander on the band's blog. “The In the Black tour promises to be heavy, vicious and uncompromising and we are excited to get back out there and do what we love to do best!”