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Klone Debut Eerie Clip for "Give Up the Rest"

Klone is an extreme metal band from France who seem to be busting their way onto the world stage lately, and for damn good reason: they tend to mix up lots of unusual musical styles, themes and instruments (including loops, exotic percussion, harp, flute, even saxophone) to create a massive, nightmarish sound that is all kinds of epic. They've just released a new video for the track “Give Up the Rest” from their latest album Black Days – the imagery is haunting in a low-key way, but the song itself will shake the paint off your walls, so check in and check it out!

“Give Up the Rest” is one of eleven tracks from Black Days – which came out earlier this year in Europe through Season of Mist Records – and follows Klone's 2008 album All Seeing Eye. Another standout cut on the latest record is a massive electro-metal cover of Björk's “Army of Me” (from Tank Girl), which is one of the most awesome heavy tracks of the year. Chances are this album might have made my best-of-2010 list if I'd only heard about it sooner.

You can hear the album version of “Give Up the Rest” plus “Army of Me” and other full tracks at the band's official MySpace, but first check out the clip below!