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Kreepy Kustomz Lunchboxes - Critters, Dawn of the Dead, Re-Animator, more


 A company called Kreepy Kustomz creates handcrafted horror film-inspired lunchboxes. They have a great assortment of lunchpails and considering the time that goes in to creating them, the prices are really reasonable. These lunchboxes start at $40.00 and go up from there. While the starting price does not include a thermos, buyers can add one on for an additional charge. This Etsy shop also has some amazing minimalist horror poster art for sale. What’s more, the store’s proprietor is also available to do custom work.

We are focusing on our top five choices that Kreepy Kustomz has available as of this posting but there are plenty of other options available as well.

Dawn of the Dead

This Dawn of the Dead lunchbox is hyper simplistic – it only makes use of three colors/shades but it is highly effective and the choice to use blood red as the primary color makes it stand out nicely and look perfectly gruesome.


Kreepy Kustomz Re-Animator lunchbox is perfectly decadent and makes great use of the bright shade of green that is so closely associated with the film. It prominently features several pictures of Herbert West and also showcases several other characters as well as some of the more grotesque imagery from the film.

Friday the 13th

This Friday the 13th lunchbox is another standout piece. It sports one of the film’s taglines and has a fantastic assortment of stills from the feature and the highly recognizable logo from the movie.

Fright Night (1985)

The Fright Night cover art is prominently featured on the front of this custom lunchbox and the back has a large photo of the legendary Peter Vincent. There are some fantastic snapshots along the sides of the lunch pale, including a classic picture of Evil Ed.


This Critters lunchbox might be my personal favorite. It has brilliantly showcased the cover art from the film and smartly uses black for the background color. The Crite from the film’s cover art looks gigantic and every detail is perfectly easily visible

*Tip: If you are ordering one of these lunchboxes as a gift, be sure to plan ahead: the custom work takes quite a while to complete and the seller orders the supplies after you place your order.

Some of the other options available as a lunchbox from Kreepy Kustomz: Hammer Horror Montage, PuppetMaster, Child’s Play, Salem’s Lot, and more.