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News Article

La Llorna Returns to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights


After terrifying visitors with her debut maze last year, La Llorna is returning to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights - in an all-new maze. Last year, the La Llorna legend was presented as a simple telling of the tale: a woman rejected by the object of her affection drowns her children, then herself. She wanders the earth, weeping for her lost children. This year, you can experience the La Llorna myth through the eyes of a child.

“At its core, La Llorona is a ghost story so we’re building off the very successful elements of last year’s haunted attraction by adding brand new special effects that speak more to the paranormal side of the story.  It’s like tapping into a child’s imagination and creating physical manifestations of those fears.  Ultimately, we hope it leads to an even more terrifying experience,” said John Murdy, Creative Director at Universal Studios Hollywood. The ‘La Llorona: Cazadora de Niños’ maze will "lure guests into rotting chambers and crypts flanked by decomposed and tortured souls who have met the cruel fate of death and the mournful cries of ‘La Llorona.’  The maze disturbingly journeys guests through the mind’s eye of a child’s nightmare seeded with all the dread, gore and evil that can be imagined."

La Llorna joins previously-announced mazes 'The Walking Dead: Apocalypse,' 'Welcome to Silent Hill,' and 'Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 3D.' More mazes to be announced. Halloween Horror Nights begin September 21st and run through Halloween.