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Lady Gaga is Mother Monster in 'Born This Way'

Last year we took a close look at the outrageous and often horror-infused imagery that the one and only Fame Monster employs in her videos and performances... but no one could have expected what just arrived in Lady Gaga's new video for her chart-busting single “Born This Way.” If you thought her mass-murder scenarios and simulated onstage disembowelment were pushing the pop envelope, then you're totally unprepared for the latest epic. Words can't describe how insane this clip is, unless maybe those words are “glowing space womb.” Hit the jump and take a look at this thing...

“This is the manifesto of Mother Monster,” Gaga announces in the prologue of the seven-minute clip (shot by acclaimed fashion photographer Nick Knight), and that's really kind of appropriate, because what comes next is a gallery of her strangest creatures ever. While taking on multiple fantasy roles (including an androgynous David Bowie-type alien, a skinless zoot-suit zombie, disembodied robot heads and a two-faced chrome goddess giving birth to, uh... something), Our Lady of Pop orbits the earth, shoots machine guns, oozes substances of various colors, and finally rides off on a unicorn. None of what you just read is nearly as weird as actually seeing it play out. (She also dances around in her underwear a lot, so there's that.)

Of course, most of Gaga's songs and videos contain knowing nods to cinematic horror, sci-fi and thriller themes – and this one is no exception: Hitchcock fans will instantly recognize excerpts of Bernard Hermann's chillingly beautiful theme from Vertigo in the opening sequence, and there's more than a little H.R. (Alien) Giger influence in the set and costume designs.

But enough talk. Here's the clip, and don't say we didn't warn you...