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Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Gets Metallized


Lady Gaga's smash single "Born This Way" has circled the world enough times to reverse time like Superman, but chances are you haven't heard the track quite like this: guitarist Ol Drake of UK thrash-metallers Evile has unleashed a massive old-school metal version of the song, complete with Judas Priest-style cover art. We've got the track posted after the jump, plus another interesting Gaga-metal mashup, so come on down and take a spin...

According to Drake, his intention was to reproduce how Gaga's third chart-topper would have sounded "if Judas Priest had written it," commenting that the result "should ruffle a few feathers," although Mother Monster's appreciation for metal is well-known, and she cites Alice Cooper as one of her big influences.

Drake pointed out that the interpretation is his own pet project, and is in no way associated with the band Evile itself – whose third album Five Serpents' Teeth is slated for release on September 26th.

Take a listen to the track below and see how it rubs ya...

While we're on the topic, it seems Drake's not the only one to pick up on the Gaga/Judas Priest connection: not too long ago famed mashup artist Wax Audio smoothly edited elements of the pop queen's hit "Judas" with the Priest classic "Painkiller" to create a new electro-metal dance track. You can watch that one right here: