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News Article

LAPD's 'Invasion of the Zombie Bandits!'

There are so many things gloriously wrong with this zombie PSA from LAPD: the nonsensical "plot;" the 1970s porno soundtrack; that the LAPD drives around with a chainsaw in their trunk; the dancing zombie clip art; the fact that in the land of big-budget blockbusters, this was the best they could come up with. What really terrifies me is that my tax dollars are going to this.

Capt. Jeffrey Bert is the braaaaains behind this video. “We were just trying to reach people. My captain’s video on what crime is up or down registered 57 hits. In four days, this has recorded 2,600 hits and growing. We said, 'Let's look at what pop culture does. Twenty million people watch Walking Dead. Well, zombies work, and we decided to keep it pretty G-rated.”

Source: LA Times