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LA's Linda Vista Hospital Retiring from the Horror Movie Business

There probably isn't a single filming location in the world I've been to as often as LA's Linda Vista Community Hospital. In the thirty years since the hospital closed shop, the complex, said by some to be the most haunted place in Los Angeles, has served as a set for countless film and television productions, including Se7en, Rob Zombie's upcoming Lords of Salem, True Blood, and FEARnet's own 30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust, The Dark Path Chronicles, and Fear Clinic. Now at long last the complex is reopening, as a senior living home. More after the jump.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the Linda Vista "is set to be converted into apartments for low-income seniors in a $40-million makeover. Linda Vista Community Hospital is an imposing relic from the days when railroads took care of their sick and injured employees in company facilities. Originally known as Santa Fe Coast Lines Hospital, it was built for employees of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway in Boyle Heights, a blue-collar neighborhood east of the city's rail yards and home to many railroad workers."

"The original hospital opened in 1905. It was razed and rebuilt on the same site in the mid-1920s, and additions were made through 1939.

"Although the hospital closed in 1991, the six-story complex survives with its dignity mostly intact — with peeling paint and roosting pigeons adding to tales of sudden chilly drafts and paranormal activity inside.

"Caretaker Francis Kortekaas brought in medical equipment and made the mock jail to enhance its appeal to directors. Sometimes filmmakers leave props behind, like the wooden throne from the upcoming Rob Zombie movie 'The Lords of Salem' that commands one room.

"Faded bed curtains in a jumbled pile on the floor of a patient room? Real artifacts. Dangerously drooping electrical conduit in the former laundry room? Recent props from an episode of 'True Blood,' where the hospital portrayed a mental asylum.

"Makers of the HBO series about vampires also filmed live wolves running through Linda Vista's lobby, Kortekaas said. Filming takes place in Linda Vista as much as 130 days a year, he said, which helps pay for maintenance."

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