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News Article

The Last Drop of Japan's BLOOD?


Japan’s vamp-glam group BLOOD was originally one of the bigger names in that country’s unique “Visual Kei” cultural movement and continues today as a Gothic-industrial club favorite on both sides of the Atlantic, eventually crossing over into Hollywood with a track featured in super-sexy Lucy Liu vampire flick Rise: Blood Hunter (which is named simply BLOOD in Japan).

Despite this popularity, the group has recently announced they will formally disband this year, and have unveiled the details of their sixth and final album Lost Sky, available on Jan 28th. The special-edition CD is limited to a run of only 1000 copies, and includes the title track as well as the songs “Captured,” “Nothing,” “Absolute,” “Oboro” and “The End,” along with ten additional remixes (no less than seven of which are from the title track), with assistance from Goth groups like Tragic Black, Echostream and Virgins O.R. Pigeons.

The album will be supported by a final North American tour assisted by BLOOD spin-off group GPKISM and DJ SiSeN, with stops including Mexico City’s Altavista, LA’s Knitting Factory, NYC’s Santos Party House, Philadelphia’s Yakitori Boy and Chicago’s Subterranean Club.

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