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The Latest from 'True Blood' Star Todd Lowe


Last week, I directed your attention to an interview with True Blood star Todd Lowe on his character Terry Bellefleur, whose role and back story have been expanded in season 5. Now we've got another interview with Lowe in which he elaborates on his character's fate in light of last night's episode's events. Check it out below.

The above video is an exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter, which states that "Near the end of Sunday’s episode of True Blood, Terry Bellefleur (Todd Lowe) and his military sergeant Patrick Devins (Scott Foley) were surprised by the appearance of their former marine buddy – and were staring down the barrel of his gun."
"'He is going to reveal something to us, that it is not a surprise to my character, but it is going to be a surprise to Scott’s. And it’s going to have major significance on the second half of the season,' Lowe tells THR.

Terry, an Iraq vet who continues to suffer from PTSD, has fallen deeper down the rabbit hole this season due to the arrival of Devins. They decided to go on a road trip together to find their fellow marine who may have something to do with the mysterious fires that have been attacking the homes of marines from their group.


"When THR asked Lowe if he felt that his character was in more danger this season then ever before, Lowe said, 'Yes, absolutely.'

“'Terry isn’t the only one who’s gone crazy,' Lowe adds. 'There was an event that happened over there, and Terry and Private Eller are the only ones who are witnesses, so far. There’s still a lot more secrets coming out.'