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News Article

Leæther Strip Completes New Horror Score

Danish electronic musician Claus Larsen – better known to rivetheads as the man behind pioneering electro-industrial outfit Leæther Strip – has completed his music score for the horror anthology film Dark Passages. Larsen has come forward with some interesting background on the project, which he describes as “one of my biggest dreams come true,” and we’ve got some pretty cool info below the fold…

Filmmaker Cesar Cruz revealed on his blog that the music of Leæther Strip – particularly the track “Strap Me Down” – got the idea for a gothic action/horror flick churning in his mind, but he was despondent when Larsen effectively shelved the band for several years. Fortunately, the dream became a possibility again when Larsen returned to the music world in 2005, and Cruz got in touch with the reclusive artist, who agreed to score the film.

“I couldn’t believe he said “YES” to the project,” the director exclaims. “I was ecstatic to have one of my favorite musical artists doing the score to one of my films!”

Larsen is pretty damn enthusiastic about the project himself, comparing the thrill of completing his first film score to the day when he first nailed a record deal. In a journal entry on the Dark Passages website, he reveals how he wished he could score a horror movie since he first saw John Carpenter’s Halloween: “I wanted to give people the same deadly chill that Carpenter’s very simple way of writing gave me.”

Larsen also describes the creative process behind the score, which he based on an advance copy of the script before a single scene had been shot. "Composers usually only get the final cut to compose from,” he explains. “Here I got to get my own little film going in my head while writing the songs.” The end product was over an hour of music, which Cruz describes as “incredible, dark and moving.”

Larsen has high hopes for the completed film: “I know this movie will scare me out of my head when it’s done… and don’t we all love that feeling?”

The film is tentatively slated for release early next year, along with the accompanying two-disc soundtrack set from Alfa Matrix. For more info, follow this link to the official Dark Passages site.