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Leæther Strip's New CD Weaves a Killer's Tale


Enigmatic Danish electro pioneer Claus Larsen – the man behind dark EBM outfit Leæther Strip – has emerged from his lair to unleash more sinister sounds on your unprepared ears in the form of Aengelmaker, a new album based on the chilling exploits of a real-life murderer. Learn the gory details – and preview the title track – after the jump!

Aengelmaker was inspired by Danish serial killer Dagmar Overbye, a seriously damaged woman who allegedly used a bogus adoption-referral agency as a means to murder and cremate at least 25 children in the early 20th century. The horrific details of her case and her personal account of a tormented childhood led Larsen to compose an elaborate concept album steeped in physical and emotional horror, focused through the lens of his own pitch-black electronic soundscapes.

The end result is described as “[a] reflection on the world's brutality, on a lifelong nightmare full of haunting ghosts... It is an uplifting voyage in his inner self through which Claus Larsen can only return stronger, relieved from past ghosts he could finally set free in the whole writing process.” Sounds pretty damn heavy to me.

Alfa Matrix is presenting the album as a 22-track, 2-CD set, as well as an expanded version containing bonus EP Yes I'm Limited IV, which includes a cover of Human League's Don't You Want Me with guest artist Unter Null. The album also includes covers of Depeche Mode's Black Celebration and Blasphemous Rumours.

Check out the promo video below, which features the extended club mix of the title track.