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Learn How to Make Bloody Rice Krispy Brains


Homicidal Homemaker

We've told you in the past here on FEARNET about The Homicidal Homemaker, a website run by Kaci Hansen that's all about tasty recipes for horror-themed treats like edible entrails and putrid pasta. Today we're here to profile a fresh new recipe from Kaci's twisted kitchen, which is the absolute perfect treat to whip up for your loved one on Valentine's Day.

Not surprisingly, it was The Walking Dead that served as the inspiration for this platter of edible grossness, a horrifying twist on mom's famous Rice Krispies Treats that allows you to chow down on brains, the same way the walkers do on the show. As Kaci mentions, the mixture of red velvet cake mix and Rice Krispies looks quite a bit like raw meat, so you can also form the mixture into all sorts of other gruesome shapes.

You'll find the full recipe and complete assembly instructions over on The Homicidal Homemaker, but with limited ingredients and a prep time of just a few minutes, we assure you that this is one tasty treat that even a zombie would have no problem putting together.

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