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News Article

LED Baby Costume is Both Cute and Highly Creepy


As movies like Child's Play, Don't Look Now and Pet Sematary have shown us, there's just something undeniably creepy about evil that comes in small packages - be it a doll, a dwarf or a child.  There's a fine line between cute and nightmare-inducing, and the video we've got in store for you today most definitely walks that line!

Though he by all means never intended to turn his young child into the stuff of nightmares, a man who goes under the name Visual Burrito over on YouTube uploaded a video of his 22-month-old daughter, modeling the Halloween costume he made for her.  While most parents go out to the store and pluck a cheaply made costume off the rack, Visual Burrito went several steps further - rigging up a DIY LED costume that turned his daughter into a glowing stick figure.

While we should all be praising Mr. Burrito's commitment to Halloween, and his exceptional parenting skills, the video he filmed of his daughter in the costume is as creepy as it is cute - the kind of thing you'd never wish to see coming towards you in a dark alley.

Check out the video for yourself and sound off below.  Is this cute or just plain creepy?  Let us know what you think!