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Legal Battle Ensues Over Rights to 'Evil Dead'

Sam Raimi has filed a lawsuit to prevent an "unauthorized" Evil Dead reboot. He, Bruce Campbell, and original series producer Robert Tapert are working on their own sequel under their Renaissance Pictures banner (originally created when they made the first Evil Dead). But another company, Award Pictures, claims that Raimi gave up the trademark in 2000. We'll cut through the legalese after the jump.

Last year, Raimi announced he was working on a new Evil Dead film. If you want a new installment in the classic horror-comedy, you go to the source, right? Raimi filed notice with the trademark office (assumingly registering the title for the fourth film) and another company, Award Pictures, filed an objection. It seems they have been planning their own remake. How can Award legally do that? They claim that in the 2000 book, The Evil Dead Companion, Raimi and Tapert said "We are never going to do a sequel." Award took this as a sign that Renaissance abandoned their trademark rights, making Evil Dead fair game. In the lawsuit filed by Raimi, he claims that continued merchandising proves that they didn't give up the rights, and that Award Pictures's planned Evil Dead 4: Consequences would cause intentional confusion among Evil Dead fans and infringe on Renaissance's continued trademark. Renaisannce, most importantly, is seeking an injuction that would prevent Award from creating their planned Evil Dead 4.

We'll keep you up-to-date on developments as they come up.

Source: Hollywood Reporter