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News Article

Leigh Whannell Set To Write & Direct Insidious 3

Director James Wan (Saw, Insidious) took to twitter earlier today to announce who would be at the helm for the next instalment of the Insidious franchise.  And that person is frequent collaborator Leigh Whannell.


This did not come as surprise to me, mainly because I was certain this had been announced a long time ago.  I did a little digging figured out it was because our movie critic, Scott Weinberg, had “announced” it back in October. 



Anyway, we now know Whannell (AKA Specs) is actually directing and not just Scott's pick. I am as happy now with this pick as I was in October. Sure this is his directorial debut, but he has been working side by side with James Wan for the last decade, so I have a fair amount of confidence he has picked up a thing or two.  Plus, he has written all 3 films so there is no need to worry about him not “getting” it. 

The third film is said to be in the same vein as the first film, which will probably make the detractors of part two happy.  We will find in a little under a year from now, as the new film will begin shooting in July for an April 2015 release.