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'Let the Right One In' Headed to the Stage


Can Tomas Alfredson’s dark story of a Swedish tween vampire and her outcast friend make the transition from stage to screen? The Scottish Theater company is betting yes.

“It is a deeply felt love story and that sense of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the world of coldness, seems just right for a Scottish setting," Vicky Featherstone, the outgoing artistic director of the National Theatre of Scotland told

This isn’t the first time a horror movie has gone from screen to stage. Night of the Living Dead, Evil Dead, Re-Animator, Carrie, and The Fearless Vampire Killers have all found a place in the theater, some, like Evil Dead, even made the leap to musical.

Here’s hoping we don’t see a musical version of Let the Right One In. I just can’t imagine Eli bursting into song after she attacks and rips a man apart, limb from limb.

See what became of Evil Dead once a piano entered the mix.

via TheGuardian