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News Article

Let's Peer-Pressure Ron Perlman into Another 'Hellboy'!


Guillermo del Toro is the guest on this week's Rue Morgue Radio, talking about the possibilities of a third (and final) Hellboy.  Del Toro would love to make the series a trilogy, but there is one, vital hold out: Ron Perlman, who isn't eager to undergo six hours of makeup daily.  And del Toro isn't going to do the film without him.  So what is a fanboy to do?

Sign a petition. With Del Toro's blessing, Den of Geek launched a petition, letting Perlman know how much they want a third Hellboy.  With only 1500 signatures so far, it seems to be working.  "It really meant a lot to Ron, that people were signing that petition," del Toro tells Rue Morgue Radio. "He's not invulnerable to the charms of fandom!"

Click here to join the mob.  Please provide your own torches and pitchforks.