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News Article

Life-Sized 'Dexter' Cake Looks Good Enough to Eat


To celebrate the final season of Dexter in the UK, FOX (the network that broadcasts the show) commissioned a life-sized Dexter cake from food artist Annabel de Vetten. Like series star Michael C. Hall, the cake was 5'10". Over 100 hours, 24 eggs, 55 pounds of flour, 35 pounds of buttercream, and 39 pounds of sugar went into the cake, which weighed over 230 pounds when finished. Twenty blood oranges were used to flavor the cake, inspired by the show's title sequence.

To take the theme to the next level, the kitchen was set up like one of Dexter's kill rooms, and the cake/victim was wrapped in plastic before stabbing it in the "heart" with a butcher knife. The cake was then "dismembered" into individual pieces, wrapped in plastic, and sent out to members of the press with photographs of the entire ordeal, and a funeral announcement for Dexter.