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Listen to Celldweller's Sabbath/Metallica 'Klash-Up'

If you've been keeping up with our music coverage lately, you've probably head about the dark, mega-heavy and cinematic sounds of electro-rocker Klayton and his band Celldweller. Klayton chatted with us in August about the completion of his multi-album saga Once Upon a Blackstar and his North American tour... but this cat never stops working for a second, and now he's spinning off a new DJ career (sorry, bad pun) with his "Klash-Ups" – first a hit remix of "A Lesson Never Learned" by UK metallers Asking Alexandria, and now his latest creation: a dubstep nuclear fusion of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" and Metallica's "Disposable Heroes." Take a listen on the flipside and find out where to download the mp3 for free...

"A Lesson Never Learned," which will also be released as part of Asking Alexandria's upcoming remix album Stepped Up and Scratched (which is slated to drop on 11/21), hit the #7 spot on iTunes' Electronic Singles chart. Celldweller followed up this week with "Disposable War Pigs," which showcases his impressive dubstep cred by integrating the two classic metal tunes... and if you listen carefully, you can catch just a hint of The Who in there too.

Klayton's Klash-Up skills will be put to the ultimate test on November 15th, when he steps up for his first-ever live DJ set at Peabody's in Cleveland, Ohio, along with Big Chocolate, DJ Ryle, and DJ Ekso. If you're going to be in the vicinity, hit this link for ticket info.

But first, here's the full seven-minute dubstep epic "Disposable War Pigs," which you can stream below and download for free at SoundCloud...