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News Article

'Livid' Gets an English-Language Remake

French film Livid, directed by Alexandre Bustillo (Inside) is getting an English-language remake. Not an American remake; an English-language remake.  FEARnet reviewed the original film favorably at last year's Fantastic Fest.  More after the jump.

SND Films, a French distribution company, is financing the new version of Livid. It is the story of a young home caretaker who finds out that the coma patient she cares for is hiding a fortune somewhere on her property. When the nurse returns with some friends to tear the place apart, they discover that the patient may not be as comatose as they thought.

The new version will be scriped by David Birke, who is no stranger to genre films - he penned "based on a true story" serial killer flicks Gacy, Dahmer, and Freeway Killer. No word yet on who will helm the project.