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Long Lost SNES Game 'Nightmare Busters' Finally Sees Release


Nightmare Busters

What's old truly is new again when it comes to all things popular culture, as evidenced by the recent resurgence of interest in everything from VHS tapes to vinyl records.  Sure, Blu-rays and digital downloads allow us to watch movies and listen to music in more eye and ear pleasing ways than ever before, but there's just something about the dead formats that's proven endlessly appealing to those who have feelings of childhood nostalgia attached to them.

If the Super Nintendo is one of those things you're nostalgic about, then you'll be excited to know that a brand new game has just been released for the system, decades after it was replaced by far superior consoles like the Playstation and X-Box.  It's called Nightmare Busters, and it was actually created in 1994, but not officially released until last month.

As we spotted over on Yahoo! Games, a company called Super Fighter Team recently dug up the long lost SNES game, which centers around an evil being who figures out a way to litter the dreams of young children with sickle-wielding trolls, torch-flinging gnomes and pot-bellied ogres.  It's up to you, playing as two heroic leprechauns, to save the day, and do battle with the nightmarish monsters.

Nightmare Busters SNES

Unauthorized emulators and reproduction cartridges of Nightmare Busters have been around for the last several years, but this one was produced in partnership with the original rights holders, making it the very first official release of the game.  Just like the SNES games of old, the cartridge is packaged in a familiar looking box and includes an instruction manual, and you can pre-order your copy, and learn more, over on the Super Fighter Team website.

Viva la SNES!