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News Article

Lou Ferrigno Wants to Be Your 'Liberator'


Yes friends, The Hulk is back in a new superhero movie. Lou Ferrigno leads up a new team of superheroes in "Liberator," the new short film from writer/director Aaron Pope (Pandemic). In "Liberator," Ferrigno plays Ed, a former football star who joins the military when the "endless war" starts. He is part of a special division called the Enhanced Abilities Initiative, in which the government alters soldiers to become superheroes. But when Ed is framed for a crime he didn't commit, he serves his time - then comes back to set the record straight. The film also stars Tara Cardinal, Peta Wilson, and Don "The Dragon" Wilson.

"Liberator" will premiere at the Hollyshorts Film Festival at Graumann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood on August 11th. For more info on the project or to get tickets, visit