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This Man Eats Nothing But Raw & Rotting Meat

Specialized diets are all the rage – not only are there thousands of new vegan, paleo, gluten-free and other recipes being uploaded every day, nutritionists often lay out some very unusual custom diet plans to meet patients' unique health needs. But a man named Derek Nance has taken it to a whole new level: for the past five years, he's reportedly eaten nothing but raw, bloody and sometimes rotting animal flesh.
In an interview with, Nance explains how he went to drastic measures to battle a mysterious illness (possibly a severe food allergy) which caused him to get sick after eating almost anything. Desperate after trying just about every alternate diet plan available, he was given a recommendation by a man with a similar condition: eat nothing but raw meat. Nance claims in the interview that the solution not only worked, but has kept him healthy for the past five years.
His diet now consists mainly of goat and lamb, and he eats just about every part of the animals, which leads to some shocking refrigerator arrangements – especially unsettling to his mainly vegetarian girlfriend, who runs a vegan juice bar.

His favorite snack? Sheep brains. “It’s got a very mild, sweet flavor,” Nance says. "I crack open the skull and eat the brain. It’s kind of a delicacy, so I’ll wait until the weekend to get into it.”

If the meat turns rotten, Nance doesn't throw it out... he gobbles it up. “My body just doesn’t produce enough enzymes to digest starchy foods,” he claims. “So the probiotic bacteria in rotten meat actually help me to digest the food.”

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