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Man Rises From His Grave in Brazil


Brazil buried alive

Imagine this.  You're taking a stroll through your local cemetery, paying respects to a loved one who has passed on.  Suddenly, a body emerges from a nearby grave, giving you the fright of your life.  Sounds like a scene from a zombie movie, right?  Well, it just became a horrifying reality for one unlucky mourner.

An unidentified woman visiting her family tomb in San Paulo, Brazil last week was met with the shocking imagery of a man rising from his grave.  It began with strange noises and the movement of dirt beneath the surface of the ground, before the man was able to free his arms and head.  Barely clinging onto life, the would-be corpse waved his arms for help, and the woman quickly phoned the authorities.  Emergency services arrived and liberated the man from his early grave, chilling video footage (below) documenting one of the strangest rescues of all time.

The man was taken to a local hospital, though his condition has not yet been revealed.  He was reportedly a former city hall employee, and no explanation has been given for how he ended up getting buried alive. 

Let's just hope this is an isolated case, because I'm thinking we're all in trouble if this becomes a trend.  Where's Daryl Dixon when you need him?!