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'Manos: Hands of Fate' - Now in HD!


Once upon a time there was a terrible little indie film called Manos: Hands of Fate. This film followed a family on road trip who get lost while looking for a motel, and they end up in a polyamorous cult, led by a shady dude named Torgo (I guess with the name Torgo, "shady" is a bit redundant). Manos was virtually forgotten after its 1966 premiere, until in the early 1990s, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 unearthed it for Joel and his robots to mock. That is, until, Ben Solovoy got his hands on a workprint. More after the jump.

Professional cameraman Solovey makes a hobby out of collecting old 16mm film prints. He came into a large lot of old reels, mostly public domain pictures, and discovered that in his bounty, he had not one but two copies of Manos. What's more, one of those copies was the original 16mm workprint. Solovey was shocked at how filthy the circulating copies of Manos were compared to the workprint, and is now on a mission to painstakingly restore the flick. Solovey plans on making clean prints available for rental to repertory houses, as well as selling a limited-run blu-ray.

Follow Ben's progress and check out some of the amazing stills at