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'Manos: Hands of Fate' Returns for Seconds


I never thought I would be writing two articles about 1960s Z-movie Manos: Hands of Fate - let alone two articles in as many weeks. But, here we are. It seems that Manos is getting a sequel. A director by the name of Robert Talbot Munch Sr. has gathered as much of the original cast and crew as he could, and is working on a sequel titled Manos: The Search for Valley Lodge. More after the jump.

Munch spoke to Fangoria about the plot for Manos 2: "The Master is a powerful sorcerer who gathers his wives—a polygamy cult—to propagate an army to serve the elder god Manos. The wives are ultimately stripped of individuality and converted into demonic types with supernatural strength/powers. In the first film, we were given hints of The Master and his powers, but it was never actually said what he and his followers were. Vampires? No. Undead? Maybe. I figured Torgo as a named demon/satyr type and just took it from there." Tom Neyman returns as The Master and his real-life daughter Jackey Neyman-Jones returns as Debbie. Female lead Diane Mahree reprises her role as Maggie.

Manos seems to be reaching Plan 9 From Outer Space proportions. A making-of documentary is being shot concurrently with the sequel, and Munch is in the process of putting together a high-definition version of the original. In my last report on Manos, a guy by the name of Ben Solovey had gotten his hands on a Manos workprint and is working on his own HD version (He's even started a Kickstarter campaign). "Recently, some kid who found a print of MANOS at an auction is trying to cash in with the same idea. Myself and Joe Warren [Manos director Hal Warren's son] do not acknowledge, recognize, or approve of what this kid is doing. In the end, we just ask that the fans hold onto their money and wait for our version." Which version will you be going for?