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News Article

Manson Premieres New M*****F***in' Video!

UK Music magazine NME has premiered Marilyn Manson’s new video, "Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin'-Geddon,” on their website. The video promotes the first single from The High End of Low, the new album which is slated to hit stores after Memorial Day. Find out more about the video, and how to see it, after the jump!

As we learned a few weeks back from Blabbermouth, the video was directed by filmmaker/photographer Delaney Bishop, whose resume includes videos for hip-hop artists Jurassic 5 and Cut Chemist, as well as the acclaimed short film The Death of Salvador Dali, starring the extremely tasty Dita Von Teese, the former Mrs. Manson.

That said, there’s nothing in the video that you haven’t seen before from the top-hatted, metal-mouthed Manson (i.e. singing from a podium in front of a fascist-style backdrop), and any controversy attached to it probably stops after the song title itself. Still, it’s a cool song (despite being the “clean” version in the official video), the saturated colors give the video a certain Suspiria look, and it’s nice to see the Spooky One back in top form.

The High End of Low is due out on May 26th, and represents Manson’s reunion with early compadre Twiggy Ramirez (who is briefly seen in the video). In addition to "Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin'-Geddon" are highly anticipated tracks like “I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies,” “We’re From America,” and the epic closing cut “15.”

Keep an eye on FEARnet for more Manson news, but right now be sure to viddy the clip courtesy of