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News Article

Manson Unveils New Album Info!


The first taste of Marilyn Manson’s upcoming seventh studio album The High End of Low will reach your ears soon, by way of preview track “We’re From America,” slated to haunt the interwebs by the end of this week! The Spooky One has divulged plenty more dark and delectable details for your delight… get a big yummy spoonful below the jump!

“We’re From America” will be made available as a free download this Friday, exclusively through Manson’s official site, before becoming widely available as a digital single on April 7th. The first “official” single, “Arma… geddon” (there’s more words in the middle of the title but we can’t print most of them here), will be released on April 13th.

The new album is also noteworthy as the return of Twiggy Ramirez, aka Jeordie White, to the Manson lineup – the first time he’s played with the band in over a decade. White will be joined by fellow Nine Inch Nails alumnus Chris Vrenna on keyboards, with returning Manson vet Ginger Fish on drums. White and Vrenna also worked alongside Manson to produce the album, with mixing done by Sean Beavan (who worked with Manson on iconic releases like Antichrist Superstar).

Manson has stated in interviews that the album is his most epic of all (even more so than Antichrist), reaching its apocalyptic apex at the final track “15,” which according to the artist is “the most important song I think that's been written by Marilyn Manson,” and “the most unusual song I have ever heard.”

According to, the band will kick off the promotional world tour in Europe, but will return to the US for the Rockstar Mayhem Festival in July and August, as the closing band on the main stage.

The High End of Low is slated for release on May 26th. In the meantime, keep an eye on FEARnet and Manson’s official site for more updates!