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Marilyn Manson Creeps Out the BBC During Interview


During a radio interview with the BBC, presumably to plug his chart-topping new album The High End of Low, spooky-rock overlord Marilyn Manson kinda went off the page a little bit... no, make that a lot. To hear the interview, you’d think he’s either really tired, drunk, malicious (for reasons unknown) or teetering on the edge of madness. Me, I’m betting on some or all of the above. Still, I desperately tried to make sense of the whole thing, so read below the fold for some very interesting excerpts…

In what the interviewer described as “the strangest interview ever,” Manson baffled nearly everyone present during the brief sit-down with the BBC. The normally well-spoken, incisive artist came across as having some issues that I couldn’t begin to fathom. The interview came shortly after NIN frontman Trent Reznor – who helped jump-start Manson’s career – famously dissed his former protégé in an interview with Mojo, calling him a “dopey clown” who routinely betrays his friends in his quest for fame, so understandably there’s no lack of drama in this guy’s life… but this was still a really weird thing to behold.

Showing up four hours late to the BBC’s Maida Vale studios, Manson began in a jovial mood, but things quickly descended into vague strangeness shortly after the interview began, with the artist evading even the most straightforward questions about his album or tour. It seemed to me he was either toying with the reporters in an obscure and esoteric way… or maybe he’d totally lost his shit. It was hard to tell without being there.

When asked about his fans, he responded, “My fans? There's no fans, because I was very hot in my room.” He then reacts to the interviewer’s digital recorder by asking, “Is that a cell phone? Can I call you?” followed by repeated playful jabs of “Do you wanna fight with me?” Questions about the Download Festival resulted in a sort of Beavis & Butthead response: “You said load,” he muttered in a conspiratorial voice.

From there, it just gets weirder and weirder, going all over the map from stage-fright ("The first time I performed musically I threw up") to his film aspirations (“I'm in love with film, but filming myself… and I'm playing Marilyn Manson”) to Mötley Crüe and Michael J. Fox (don’t ask), and winds up with him making weird little noises. Maybe you can make sense of it, but frankly I just couldn’t. If you want to have a go, one of the interviewers has posted the audio, which you can hear below…

As an added bonus, you can an interview we conducted with Manson at the Spike TV Scream Awards when he freaked us out too!