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Marilyn Manson Previews New Song... Sort Of


It's been exactly two years since Marilyn Manson turned out his last studio album The High End of Low (check out our review of The High End of Low), and in the meantime there's been quite a few shakeups in his wild world... he not only switched record labels, but his long-time drummer Ginger Fish has also moved on to join Rob Zombie's lineup, and his planned film project Phantasmagoria is apparently shelved for good. But there's still a black lining to this silver cloud: Manson's been focusing his attention on a new album, and he's posted a curious teaser from what might be the record's first single. Hit the jump for clues and a clip...

In a shaky-cam video clip, Manson reveals less than 30 seconds of the still-untitled track (the working title is given as "I Am Among No One") and so far it's the only audio to emerge from the new project, on which he's been working intensely with band-mate Twiggy Ramirez. The excerpt was posted just after a cryptic blog update at entitled "Rapeture" (an obvious reference to last weekend's apocalypse-not-now), which frankly doesn't say a damn thing about the album.

Disappointing sales for the last record led Manson to drop his long-time label Interscope Records and move to independent label Cooking Vinyl. With the departure of Ginger after fifteen years in the band, he turned to the multi-talented Chris Vrenna (former drummer for Nine Inch Nails and producer of The High End of Low), who is now the band's official drummer. Vrenna had previously picked up the sticks in 2004 when Ginger was sidelined by an injury.

Until we hear more about this project, check out the teaser clip below and try to make sense of it...