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Marilyn Manson Voted 'Creepiest Celebrity'


I know this must come as a real shock to you, but in a recent Reuters Halloween poll of the "Ten Creepiest Celebrities," the Antichrist Superstar himself, Marilyn Manson, grabbed the number one spot. While the other names on the list range from true-crime figures to news-making hellraisers, Manson came out on top for making "a career of seeming rather odd to some," as they put it. That's a very, uh.... delicate way of describing His Royal Spookiness, but maybe the folks at Reuters just roll like that. Hit the jump to find out who else made the list, which also includes an eccentric filmmaker you're no doubt familiar with...

At "69 percent creepy," Manson scored highest among the Reuters e-poll taken from a sampling of 1100 people, who rated them on several different attributes. That's a full twelve creep points above Casey Anthony, who became the center of a media hurricane this summer during and after her murder trial.

Also on the list is director Tim Burton, who is currently working with Johnny Depp on his adaptation of the classic horror TV series Dark Shadows (which includes original shock-rocker Alice Cooper in a small role). Burton was chosen for slot number eight, because he "puts on a look and plays it up, and his movies are eerie and creepy but also entertaining fun," the article explained. Both Manson and Burton did rank high in popularity, however, unlike figures like Anthony, O.J. Simpson, and "Octomom"  Nadya Suleman, all of whom got pretty dismal marks in that area.

Here's the complete breakdown, in order of creepitude...

  1. Marilyn Manson: 69%
  2. Casey Anthony: 57%
  3. O.J. Simpson: 56%
  4. Spencer Prat: 49%
  5. Nadya Suleman: 41%
  6. Charlie Sheen: 34%
  7. Eliot Spitzer: 34%
  8. Woody Allen: 31%
  9. Tim Burton: 31%
  10. Jesse James: 30%