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Is a Mark Ruffalo 'Hulk' Spin-Off Movie on the Horizon?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 - 12:06am

The Hulk is, based on early reports by those who have seen it, one of the best things about Joss Whedon's The Avengers, and Mark Ruffalo is generating praise as the best screen version of Dr. Bruce Banner yet. So could the green goliath get another shot at a solo film? Ruffalo appears to be more than up for it. Check out a video interview with the actor and his co-star Scarlett Johansson, after the jump.

The above video is an exclusive on The Hollywood Reporter. Of course this prompts the questions "Where does this leave the Guillmero del Toro-produced Hulk TV show?" and "Could two separate Hulk projects move forward simultaneously?" Until we have answers, there's still The Avengers to enjoy, opening on May 4th. Here's the film's synopsis:  "The Avengers will bring together the super hero team of Marvel Comics characters for the first time ever, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk and more, as they are forced to band together to battle the biggest foe they've ever faced."