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Massive Crocodile Forces Australian Beach to Close


Giant Crocodile

As Mick Taylor showed us in Wolf Creek, everything - including knives - is bigger in Australia. And it was a pretty damn large crocodile that forced an Australian beach to shut down this past weekend, proving that sharks aren't the only things swimmers have to fear.

AOL reports that the popular Australian beach had no choice but to temporarily keep everyone out of the water when this massive 12-foot long beast was snapped by photographer Sharon Scoble, who apty described the saltwater croc as "a big boy," going on to say that "his head was huge." Saltwater crocodiles are the largest species of living reptiles, and it's estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of adults living in Australia alone.

Australian crocodile

With the crocodile now out of sight, the beach has since been re-opened.

Might want to start having crocs send out tweets when they get close to shore, the way Australian sharks do. Just a thought!