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News Article

Massive Whale Dwarfs Boat in Frightening Photograph


massive whale

Just when you thought it was safe to go whale-watching...

Though the image you see above looks like the work of someone with Photoshop and a whole lot of time on their hands, it's actually a real photograph... of a real boat... and a real whale.  Justin Hofman is a wildlife photographer who was snapping photos in Argentina recently, reports The Huffington Post, at the very same time that a small boat was escorting a group of whale-watchers around the waters off the coast of the Valdes Peninsula.  What the whale-watchers didn't realize, and what Hofman captured with his camera, is that a massive 50-foot Southern right whale was as interested in human-watching as they were in whale-watching.

The well-timed photograph is without question one of the most amazing (and terrifying) images snapped all year, and you can see even more up close and personal shots Hofman took of the big momma over on UK's Mirror News.

And that, right there, is why I only get wet when I take a shower or go for a swim in a pool!