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News Article

Mastodon Allegedly Working on 'Jonah Hex' Score

A recent hint came down ye olde inter-tubes from Harry Knowles of Ain't it Cool News... which, if it were indeed true, would enter the realm of the mega-awesome: apparently Atlanta's supreme metallers Mastodon – whose album Crack the Skye is their most cinematic effort to date – are hard at work writing the score to next summer's highly anticipated Jonah Hex film. Not much in the way of solid confirmation yet, but just the idea that it might happen is enough to induce sweaty fits of anticipation. Read on and wonder...

According to Knowles, his inquiries into the sounds Mastodon was creating for the film yielded only this response from the band: “Needless to say, pretty heavy!"

The supernaturally-themed western comic adaptation (starring ultra-cool Josh Brolin and yummy cookie Megan Fox in a super-tight corset) seems a natural for the mystical themes the band often explores in their music, and the videos for the first two Crack the Skye singles had both sci-fi and horror elements... and you might recall from earlier this year the band's revelation that they were seeking financing for a movie based on the epic album. So it's a given they'd be a natural for this gig. If the rumor proves to be true, we'll be sure to let you know!