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McFarlane and Funko Reveal New 'Walking Dead' Toys


Both McFarlane and Funko have been doing an incredible job with their very different takes on Walking Dead toys, and neither company is showing any signs of slowing down.  This week saw the reveal of upcoming offerings from both companies, which we're here to take a look at today!

McFarlane Walking Dead

While McFarlane is already on the fifth series of their line of toys based on the Walking Dead TV show, they've thus far only released two series' of their comic book line, and concept images of Series 3 were glimpsed for the first time this week.  The series is comprised of a new figure of Rick and the very first figures of comic book Andrea and Dwight, as well as a particularly cool looking 'Punk Rock Zombie.'  Each of the figures can be pre-ordered for $14.99 apiece over on Big Bad Toy Store, with a reduced price if you want the whole set.

Funko Walking Dead

Funko takes a more cartoony approach to The Walking Dead, and this year will see the release of their second series of 'Mystery Mini' vinyl figurines.  The 2.5" figures come housed in blind boxes, so you never know who you're buying until you get home and open the box.  Series 2 includes several brand new additions, characters like Michonne, The Governor and Rick being given the mini vinyl treatment for the first time.

Looking to be another great year for Walking Dead collectibles, and this is only the beginning!