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News Article

Meet the Characters of Upcoming Thriller 'Repentance'



It's always an exciting thing when big name stars are attached to genre films, and the upcoming flick Repentance is full of them.  Produced by and starring Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker, the thriller also stars Anthony Mackie, Mike Epps and Sanaa Lathan as four characters whose lives intersect and are forever changed as a result.

Directed by Philippe Caland, the psychological thriller centers around Mackie's Tommy Carter, a therapist and spiritual advisor who's still dealing with the trauma of an alcohol-induced car crash that nearly took his life.  In an effort to raise funds to help his brother (Mike Epps), Tommy takes on a troubled man named Angel Sanchez (Whitaker) as a personal client, and soon finds that Sanchez's problems are a danger to his well-being, to say the least.

Repentance will be getting a limited theatrical rollout on February 28th.  In the meantime, you can meet the four main characters from the film below, with these easy to digest character introduction teasers.  Learn more about the film over on the official website.