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Meet the Garbage Flesh Eaters; Iconic Zombies Fused with Garbage Pail Kids!


Garbage Flesh Eaters

Zombies and Garbage Pail Kids cards - these are two of my favorite things, and they get the mash-up treatment courtesy of a new series of art prints from a man by the name of Omar Hauksson.  Omar gave iconic cinematic zombies like Return of the Living Dead's Tarman and Day of the Dead's Dr. Tongue the cartoon-style Garbage Pail Kids treatment, turning the horrific flesh eaters into cute and cuddly versions of themselves.  Well, as cute and cuddly as undead monsters can possibly be!

Beginning tomorrow, between 1 and 2pm CST, all five 9x12 giclee prints will go up for sale over in the Nakatomi Inc. web store, selling for $25 apiece.  Each print is limited to a run of only 50, and you'll also be able to purchase the entire set for the reduced price of $100.  Every order includes a trading card sized sticker of one of the zombies, with a purchase of the entire set getting you all five stickers.

Check out closer looks at each of the prints below, and be sure to bookmark Nakatomi Inc. so you don't miss out!


Dr. Tongue

Lucio Fulci

Blind Dead

Dawn of the Dead