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News Article

Meet The Inhabitants Of Japan's Valley of Dolls


The Village of Nagoro, Japan is slowly dying.  It was never a bustling metropolis but there used to be several hundred inhabitants.  When the lone employer closed, people had little reason to stay.  Now only 37 people remain.  Those that left have been replaced by something else. Life size dolls.

Ayano Tsukimi, one of the few that have stayed, has begun to repopulate her village with doll-like scarecrows.  She has placed them around the town, along the roadside, and in the school. 

This short documentary by Fritz Schumann gives us a peek into Ayano’s life in The Valley of Dolls.

There is something sweet about this that keeps it from being creepy. The same can not be said about the Island Of Dolls we told you about last year.