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News Article

Meet John Landis and Joe Dante This Month in LA


We just received word that John Landis and Joe Dante -- two directors who need no introduction to horror fans -- will appear this month at Larry Edmunds Bookshop in Los Angeles to sign copies of their latest work. Details after the jump.

On January 28th, John Landis and Joe Dante will appear at LA's Larry Edmunds at 7 PM. Landis will sign copies of his new book Monsters in the Movies, while Joe Dante will sign DVD copies of the new volume 2 of his terrific web series Trailers from Hell. Landis will also guest star in FEARnet's upcoming Holliston, filmmakers Adam Green and Joe Lynch's Twisted Comedy series about a pair of would-be big-time horror filmmakers played by... Adam Green and Joe Lynch!

Here's the very cool annoucement/invite for Landis and Dante's signing, which itself looks like a classic monster movie poster...