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Metal Artist Creates Mega-Creepy Videos


Even the seriously hardcore headbangers among you may not know the name Nader Sadek, but chances are you've seen his work: as a visual artist, he's put his demonic stamp on stage shows for bands like Mayhem and Sunn O))), so he's got fat cred in the metal community. The natural next step was to form his own band, and he called on some prestigious players from for his debut album, which came out earlier this month. The latest video, for the single "Sulffer," has just been released, and when you see it you'll know just how disturbing and mesmerizing his visuals can be. Watch that clip (and the even creepier previous video) after the break...

Egypt-born Sadek, who considers himself more of a visual artist than a musician, gathered some of the world's most respected names in metal to create his new album & multimedia project In the Flesh. The current lineup includes guitarist Rune Eriksen (formerly of Mayhem), Cattle Decapitation vocalist Travis Ryan, bassist Steve Tucker (formerly of Morbid Angel) and Cryptopsy drummer Flo Mounier.

Sadek described the project during a recent interview with IFC (who also premiered the "Sulffer" video). "I'm continuing a theme I've used since my very first exhibition in 2004... this theme of petroleum. It's energy from death, and I took the artistic liberty to make it about immortality." The video for "Sulffer" features a hairy, skull-faced humanoid thrashing in a watery cave (which the artist built by hand). "The figure is kind of a primordial figure," he explains. "It's a battle between the protagonist and a reflection of itself, and it's kind of this vicious circle. It's about the failure of never reaching immortality."

Sadek has planned a video for every track on In the Flesh, and will be releasing them throughout the year. Below are the first two: "Sulffer" and its seriously sinister predecessor, "Nigredo In Necromance." Enjoy!