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News Article

Metallica 3D Feature Film in the Works

According to a new report from Deadline Hollywood, metal juggernauts Metallica are working out a plan to self-finance their first feature film in 3D. Details are still vague about the content of the film itself, but one thing we do know is that the band has already hired a producer for the project, so it looks like the wheels are definitely in motion. We've got the full report below the jump...

According to reporter Mike Fleming, the band members recently hired producer Charlotte Huggins, whose credits in 3D filmmaking include Journey to the Center of the Earth and its recently completed sequel Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. They are now searching for a director "with the stones to direct a Metallica-style feature."

If this project pans out, it will be the first Metallica film with the band in creative control. Their last major feature film appearance was the award-winning 2004 documentary Some Kind of Monster, produced and co-directed by Joe Berlinger (who is currently shooting the doc Raising Hell: The Visions of Clive Barker), and that film famously explored the band members' personal lives and their often turbulent relationships. There's no word yet if the new feature will also be non-fiction, like maybe a 3D concert experience (which would be pretty damn awesome... check out the laser-riffic concert pic above if you have doubts) or something else entirely... we'll know pretty soon though, so stay tuned!