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Mezco Previews New Living Dead Dolls and 'Psycho' Plush


Living Dead Dolls

With this year's Toy Fair on the horizon, right about now is a pretty damn exciting time to be a toy collector. All of our favorite companies are starting to preview their upcoming releases, and today we've got a sneak peek look at the new products that Mezco is going to have on display this coming weekend.

These photos come courtesy of the blog Idle Hands, and they show off a brand spankin' new upcoming series of the company's extremely popular Living Dead Dolls, which are based on myths and legends from around the world. As seen in the graphic above, the series includes five new dolls, inspired by the legends of Spring-Heeled Jack, the Banshee, underworld ruler Milu, the Chinese Hopping Vampire and the German demon Mephistopheles. Series 27 is set for release this summer.

Headless Horseman

Also shown off, and due out this summer, was a Headless Horseman Living Dead Doll. Just like the real thing, his pumpkin head is removeable!

Psycho mother

Perhaps the most exciting new offering from Mezco is this Psycho roto-plush doll, which is the very first Mrs. Bates collectible we've ever seen. Due out sometime this year, the doll consists of a rotocast head, arms and feet and a plush body, similar to Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers and Leatherface dolls that the company put out in the past.

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