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Mezco Turns The Ring's Sadako Into a Living Dead Doll


Sadako Living Dead Doll

On the market for over 13 years now, Mezco's Living Dead Dolls have gotten more popular with each passing year, iconic horror villains like Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Leatherface and Chucky all being honored with their very own creepy little dolls.  The star of the original Ringu franchise, frightening well-dweller Sadako - known here in the states as Samara - was given the Living Dead Dolls treatment over in Japan last year, in conjunction with her big return in Sadako 3D.  Now, she invades toy shelves worldwide!

As of today, Mezco has made limited quantites of the Japanese Exclusive available to anyone who wants one, putting 200 of them up for grabs in their online shop.  Decked out in screen-accurate fabric clothing, Sadako's hair is plastered across her face, that one terror-inducing eyeball poking out from beneath her flowing jet-black locks.  Just be careful not to let her pop any weird VHS tapes into your VCR, and you should be just fine.

Grab yours over on Mezco's website for $55.  She's set to begin shipping in February of next year!