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Mick Returns in Wolf Creek 2 Trailer


Wolf Creek 2

It was nearly 10 years ago that Greg McLean brought Wolf Creek into the world, a tale of ill-fated backpackers that introduced us to one of my personal favorite horror villains in recent years; Mick Taylor.  In 2014, Mick's back... and he's got a few days to kill!

Wolf Creek 2 will see another group of backpackers visiting the notorious Wolf Creek Crater, wherein they run head on into ole Mick.  Once again directed by Greg McLean, with John Jarratt reprising the role of the wisecracking outback slasher, the sequel is set for release on February 20th of next year.

Check out the first trailer below, which promises a much more high-octane killing spree than the one we saw in 2005!