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'Midnight Son' to Rise on DVD from Image

Midnight Son is one of the best vampire films I've seen in recent years, and a much-appreciated reminder that vampires can be the subject of smart adult drama. So I'm happy to report that the slow-burn festival favorite, which FEARnet premiered in January, will get a DVD release this summer from Image Entertainment. Details after the jump.

Here's the official word on Midnight Son's DVD release: "An isolated life can create maladies and malaise…frightening conditions that will push the victim to the brink of despair. On July 17th, Image Entertainment will release Midnight Son: a twisting, terrifying tale of vampirism and humanity and how the two conditions can intertwine. Directed by Scott Leberecht, a well-known name on the Festival circuit (Seattle Film International Festival, San Francisco Short Film Festival, Dragon*Con Short Film Festival), Midnight Son squeezes new blood out of a genre that has become all too familiar.  Including an audio commentary with Leberecht and stars from the film, Midnight Son will be available on DVD for an SRP of $27.97. Pre-book is June 19th."

"Jacob (Zak Kilberg, Zombie Strippers!, "Lincoln Heights") is a young man with a rare skin disorder that forces him to avoid exposure to the sun…confining him to a life of seclusion and shadow. As his symptoms worsen, Jacob's mental and physical health begin to crumble, forcing him to cross a barrier that few would consider: drinking human blood.    

"When Jacob meets Mary (Maya Parish, "How I Met Your Mother"), who is as lonely and damaged as himself, he falls in love. But hope is countered by his increasingly violent tendencies, and the local law enforcement, which is now focusing on him as a prime suspect in a series of grisly murders.

"Wowing audiences when FEARnet premiered it in January and a hit at Cinequest, FrightFest, Fantasia, Toronto After Dark, Maelstrom International Film Festival and A Night of Horror, Midnight Son is a tale of sickness and how desperation will make one consider even the most terrible of cures. Terrifying, yet intellectual as well, it allows the mind to take that final step into fear's abyss."