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News Article

Midnight Syndicate Prepare to Unveil New Video


Hot on the heels of their first-ever music video Dark Legacy (which we shared with you earlier this month), hardworking horror-music duo Midnight Syndicate have announced a follow-up video for the track Lost – a cut from the soundtrack to their upcoming feature film debut, The Dead Matter. Turn the page for more details...

Lost can be heard on the upcoming Dead Matter soundtrack CD, as well as the tie-in album Cemetery Gates, which is available now. The new promo video is produced by 529 Films, the team behind indie horror feature Hellementary, and features Donna Williams – who also stars in the feature film, along with horror legends Tom Savini and Andrew Divoff.

The Dead Matter – which makes its DVD debut on July 30th – is directed by Midnight Syndicate founder Edward Douglas, who co-produced the film with FX legend Robert Kurtzman. (The soundtrack album will hit stores on the same day.) We'll have more updates on all of these releases in the coming weeks... and in case you missed Dark Legacy the first time around, check it out right here!