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Midnight Syndicate Video Shoot Update


We got a tip from Midnight Syndicate's Edward Douglas that the band has completed production on their first official music video. The shoot took place last weekend for Dark Legacy, a new single from their CD Cemetery Gates... which itself is tied to their upcoming feature film debut, The Dead Matter. Ed and his creative co-conspirators have so many projects in the works, it's sometimes hard to keep up from one week to the next, but wicked surprises are all part of how these guys roll. We've got some groovy behind-the-scenes info and some wicked pics, so hit the jump and get the latest!

“We could not be more stoked about how the shoot went,” said Douglas. “Not only is it our first music video, but it really marked the first time Gavin [Goszka, Ed's co-instrumentalist] and I have taken the stage together as Midnight Syndicate.” The photos from the set show the pair manning their respective keyboards (some awesome custom jobs, it appears) in a mist of swirling fog, accompanied by waltzing extras in period costume and gothic specters... one of which is apparently portrayed by Jeff Hatrix of horror-heavy industrial unit Mushroomhead (shown below, center). According to Douglas, that band's stage crew also took part in orchestrating the video's grand finale.

The promo was shot on a combination of digital video and Super-8 film stock (a retro touch you don't hear much about anymore) and was mostly set in the historic Phantasy Theatre, just outside of Cleveland. Douglas recounted the building's impressive musical history, explaining how it played host to bands like Peter Murphy, Nine Inch Nails and Psychedelic Furs before becoming a favorite of Midnight Syndicate, who have held all of their album release parties in the Phantasy's attached clubs. “The building has a long history of hauntings,” Douglas explained, “which made it the perfect location for the shoot.”

In addition to the gothic ambiance, there was also an impressive array of spooky talent behind the camera, including the effects artists of Precinct 13 Entertainment and Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps (who designed the sets and  props), longtime band collaborators Screamline Studios, and numerous haunted house performers. Douglas turned over directing duties to David Greathouse, which he considered a liberating experience: “Dave has a vision, but also understands what Midnight Syndicate is all about,” he explains. “It was refreshing not having to direct and being able to focus on just being talent... I loved it.”

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